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am very excited to write to you about my experience using your product. My name is Sheri, I live in Illinois and started drinking noni juice in March, 2007 and it has changed my life!

In January, 2002 I was diagnoised with Rheumatiod Arthritis RA, at the age of 37, as you can imagine I was devistated. After spending about a year and a half getting myself to the point where I could at least function, I still had alot of pain and I still only felt ok. I was taking quite a bit of medication, all things that cause this and cause that, none of which is good. In March of 2007 a friend told me about noni juice and how it had helped her lower her cholesterol by a large about. My thought was if it can help her why couldn’t it do something to help me. I found your site and read through all of the information you supply (which was great), talked to my pharmacist to make sure it wouldn't interact with anything I was taking and ordered a case of 8 bottles right away! I must admit, the first time I tasted it, I couldn’t believe how awful it was, but decided if it would help me, the taste was a small price to pay.


I am happy to tell you that when I went to the Rheumatologist in April, 2007 I told him what I was doing and he said "we'll let's see what happens". He is great, open to things that are not necessarily "traditional medicine". When I went back in June, 2007 for my next check up and blood test, he was amazed at how well I felt and looked. A few days later his office called to tell me that my test results were great and that I could stop taking one of the RA medications I had been taking for the past 5 years, one its side effect was degeneration of the eye. You can only imagine how excited I was, I cried.

I drink 3 oz. of TruNoni juice first thing when I get up everyday and will continue to drink it. I tell everyone about the wonderful things it has done for me so that maybe I can help someone who will truley benefit by it just as I am.

Thank you for making this "miracle" juice availble to us!

Greatfully yours,
Sheri W.
Woodridge, Illinois



primarily started ordering Tru Noni for my roommate. She has IBS and could not even leave the house some days because she could not even make it to the bathroom. Since she has started taking Tru Noni she has only had occasionaly flare ups. She was also prone to two or three attacks of bronchitus a year. Whether it is due to the Tru Noni or not she has only had bronchitus once or twice.

I also started taking Tru Noni as I have Barrett's Esophagus and hope by taking Tru Noni I will prevent it from becoming cancerous. Only time will tell if that will be true. Personally I think my immune system is stronger. I have been taking it for around 6 months, and we will see how I do this winter with colds and flu.

Personally we are able to tolerate the taste, though it is not pleasant, but we want to get the pure form.

Dorothea Wagner



efore I started drinking NONI Juice I had Level 4 colon cancer and 18 months to live.
I am a Christian and believed that GOD would lead me to a cure if I asked and it
was in his will.

My Sister went to the Fiji Islands a short time after I was diagnosed with cancer. Her new Husband twisted his ankle badly and could not walk. She asked for medical help and was directed to "the Medicine Man" for the island. He prepared an herbal application for the sprain that quickly worked restoring my brother in laws ability to walk.

My sister being a nurse was so amazed with the medicine mans ability they began to talk about other things. When my sister told the medicine man about my condition he instructed her to get me started on Noni Juice telling her that it would cure me. In disbelief she asked if he actually meant that it would put my cancer into remission and he replied "NO, I said it will cure him" That was Oct. of 2003. I started using Noni as he prescribed and I am now free of cancer. My Doctors are complete amazed. He ( my Doctor ) still believes it will return, But I don't. I believe GOD sent me a cure Noni Juice.

The medicine man said the Noni had to be 100% pure, pressed or squeezed and stored only in glass bottles. That is exactly what I found at your web site and a great price as well. I use Tru Noni exclusively.

David McGee,
Mt Holly, North Carolina



y life before I learned about Noni juice, was like alot of people in this fast paced world. Work, work, work and not much sleep. You deal with your feelings, aches and pains the easy or quickest way you can and move on. I was a driver for UPS for 28 years. I know the true meaning of the words fatigue and burned out. I am a female and worked with 25 other male drivers. By the time December 25th rolled around, we were all zombies. and no one really felt like telling anyone Merry Christmas. I have recently retired ( thank you God ).

I started drinking Noni juice about a year before I retired. Some of the other drivers started also. We all noticed we had more stamina. Our sinuses didn't bother us as much. I myself felt calmer inside. Things didn't bother me as much like they had before. I wasn't quit so angry at the world, as I had been. I felt good about things. I had not had that feeling for awhile and I liked it. One of the other drivers, who also started drinking Noni about the same time, always seemed to be in a bad mood. I felt sorry for his wife. After he started the Noni juice, he was very pleasant. I could not believe the change in him.

I drink my Noni every day. Would not be without it. I can deal with whatever life has in store for me. I feel at peace inside, and it leaves no room for the anger. I even give it to my dogs. Their coats are beautiful. One is a 13 yr. old Collie Shepherd mix. She runs through the house like a young dog. And I have not used hair conditioner on my hair since the week after I started my Noni, didn't need it, just shampoo. And my last Christmas season at UPS, was the best ever. I even shouted out to people "Merry Christmas ", and I ment it. Who knew a simple little fruit could do so much! It is not the best tasting drink, but I do so look forward to having it every morning. I had tried other brands. And being a driver for UPS, I was familure with alot of them. I find Tru Noni the best quality juice and the best for your money.

Carol M.
Wintersville Ohio



efore I started drinking Tru Noni Juice, I usually got at least one cold per year. But since beginning a regimen of two ounces of Tru Noni Juice every morning, I've not had a cold in over two years. Also, after a full day of working in a warehouse, I have enough energy after work to peddle my stationary bicycle for 45 minutes every day. I can't swear that Tru Noni Juice is responsible for my improved health and energy, but I don't know what else to attribute it to as I haven't made any other changes in my life.

Allen B.
West Carrollton, Ohio


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