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Just as Noni juice has been shown to have remarkable abilities in aiding the human body, it has also been shown to benefit the health of companion animals, such as dogs and cats, by battling an assortment of disorders and infections.

Adding Noni juice to the food of dogs and cats has been shown to help strengthen animals' immune systems, helping to fight viral and bacterial infections in the chest, skin, mouth and throat. Animals do not experience placebo effects so the benefits of using TRU NONI can be easily seen.

Noni cats and dogs
cat and noni

My daughter has a beautiful black russian cat and some how he hurt his eye. It was blood red the whole eye not just the white part but the whole eye, under the eye was a knot the size for a nickel and stuck out about an inch. The eye was swollen shut as well so they went to the vet and started putting drops in it for a week and the eye wasn't getting better.

On Tuesday February the 18th, the drops ran out and she couldn't get to the vet till the next Friday, I put noni drops in it as we were afraid he was going to lose the sight in that eye. Crystal, my daughter said she was ready to try anything so we started the drops that night. 3 drops every 2 hours before bed and 3 drops in before she went to work and the 3 drops every 2 hours that next evening.

On Thursday February the 20th, you could not even tell there had been any thing wrong. My daughter was so happy and call the vet right away told him about it. That vet said it wasn't the noni and never put juice in the eyes as it would burn, but she said your meds didn't work but this noni did and you should be using this in your practice as it works and the cat loves it.

God bless
Marian W.

noni juice cats and dogs

Doug W. noticed one day that his pet dog, Jehu, (half Lab/half Chow) had somehow bitten through his lip. "The fang was sticking all the way through the side of his mouth. We live in the country and he has miles of woods to chase critters in. I figured he was hunting something. I talked to the Veterinarian and he said that it would never heal -- Jehu would have to have stitches. I thought, 'Why not put some Noni on it?' I pulled up his lip off the tooth and applied some Noni. By the end of the day the wound was starting to close up.

" He broke it open a couple of days later when my wife gave him a bone to chew on. I again applied Noni to the wound. This time applied Noni a couple of times. Within two days the wound was completely gone. You could not even tell it was there.

" A friend of ours started giving Noni to their little Yorkshire Terrier. After just a few days she started acting like a puppy again, playing with his socks -- something she had not done in years. I would recommend this for any pet."

Doug W.

cat and noni

Several months ago one of my cats, Puff, became seriously ill. Puff is seven years old and has enjoyed a relatively healthy life. However, I awoke one morning to find him very ill. He had been acting funny for a couple of days. I took him to the vet and he said that Puff had possibly eaten something which had made him ill. The results of his liver and kidney enzyme tests were way off. He was lethargic and very dehydrated. The vet gave Puff some fluids and I took him home. My parents gave me a bottle of noni juice and I started giving Puff two tablespoons a day.
Within a few days Puff was feeling much better. I took him back to the vet for a check up a couple of weeks later and he was given a clean bill of health. I still give Puff a tablespoon of noni juice every day.

Larissa M.


noni juice cats and dogs

My mom's 13 year old Silky Terrier (Cujo - it was funny at the time we named him) was recently diagnosed with a tumor in his liver and was given a relatively short time to live. A couple of days ago, he took a turn for the worse, and none of our family expected him to survive the night. He was severely bloated because of the excessive amount of water he was always drinking, and kept falling over. He would just lay there, as if he was waiting to die.

I recently started on Noni for myself, and, being in Australia, it was kind of hard to come by, and fairly expensive. I noticed a pretty immediate improvement with my depression and stress. When we saw how bad Cujo was, we thought it was too late to even bother trying him with Noni. But I figured, why not, and gave him a small amount with milk. He drank most of it.

In the morning, my mom came into my room. I expected to hear bad news. She told me to get online and write my own testimonial. Cujo was actually quite cheerful and jumping around. Still not 100%, but compared to the way he looked the night before, we were just astounded. I think we were the ones falling over this time. He had more Noni last night, and he is even better today. Hopefully, with him having Noni everyday from now on, it will improve what time he has left. Mom is hoping it will cure him of his tumor, but, even though I swear by Noni now, I don't think it'll fix him completely. But, if what we've seen so far is anything to go by, you might be reading another testimonial a few months down the track!!!

Steve S.

cat and noni

My cat recently broke her leg when she fell out of a tree. Naturally, I took her to the vet for treatment. A good friend of mine told me about a product called noni juice. She told me that she knew someone who had given it to their dog after it was run over by a car. The dog was badly injured and not expected to survive. The dog's owner insisted that the dog be given noni juice and credited it with saving the dog's life. Since that time, I have heard many similar stories about noni.

I started mixing an ounce of noni juice with my cat's milk. Not only did my cat heal much more quickly than expected, she seems to have much more energy than she had before she was injured.

I still give her noni juice every day. Noni juice really works and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

Debra A.

noni juice cats and dogs

Noni juice has really done wonders for our dog, Jelly Bean. She has suffered for years from an irritating rash that covers her stomach and feet.

Noni juice is controlling this rash completely. We give her a teaspoon of noni juice for breakfast. We also apply noni topically and mix a tablespoon with her bath. Jelly Bean loves the noni juice!

Sharon & Jack W.

noni juice cats and dogs

A few weeks ago some people contacted me to help them find a cart that they could use for their dog's hind quarters because he could no longer use his hind legs due to arthritis. They hoped it would help so that he wouldn't have to be put to sleep. I suggested trying Noni Juice to see if it would help, and they agreed to do so. As a result, they haven't needed to buy a cart because their dog can now walk again!

Audrey M.

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