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If you currently drink or are considering to buy
TAHITIAN NONI INTERNATIONAL's™ blended fruit juice,
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To accurately make a comparison between any two Noni juice products, you must first consider the ingredients and how the Noni fruit is made into a juice drink.

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The makers of TAHITIAN NONI™ have a more involved process for producing Noni juice. Their method involves grinding whole Noni fruit (minus the seeds), creating a puree that looks like applesauce. The puree is then shipped from Tahiti to Utah where it is reconstituted by adding lots of water back in, and is then mixed with grape and blueberry concentrate before the liquid is heat pasteurized and then bottled. Essentially, it becomes yet another highly processed juice drink.

The Noni juice found in all TRU NONI bottles goes through a less involved and uncomplicated process. We simply squeeze the ripe hand-picked Noni fruit into large holding containers just like it is done in the wine industry (click here to see how we make TRU NONI juice). The fresh squeezed Noni juice is then filtered to remove remaining sediment, or pulp. Rather than using the extreme heat of pasteurizing the traditional way, we use “flash-pasteurization” that is gentler on the good enzymes found in Noni juice. The TRU NONI juice production process is pure and simple, creating a fresh Noni juice product.

TRU NONI distribution comparison

Then compare the price of your product options. Again, TAHITIAN NONI has a more involved process in getting the Noni juice to you, which impacts the price you must pay for it. TAHITIAN NONI is a network-marketing, or multi-level marketing, company.

Its business model is the same as that of Amway, the original multi-level marketing company. The distributor who sells you a bottle of juice receives a bonus for the sale. His or her up-line distributor, who is the person who sponsored them in the business, plus the levels of people above them also are monetarily compensated for your distributor's sales. This artificially increases the price to you because you pay for the bonuses of multiple levels of distributors every time you buy a bottle of TAHITIAN NONI.

TRU NONI juice has a simple distribution direct to you when you buy online. We have no wholesalers, distributors or retailers in-between our company and you to add to the price. We can sell you 100% pure Noni juice for half the price of TAHITIAN NONI and still offer you free shipping (when you buy two or more bottles). Buy TRU NONI juice, and know that you are getting 100% of what you are paying for and no other additional fruit juice fillers to dilute the Noni juice. All at an excellent price!

To learn more about how to buy Noni juice we recommend you read the Noni Juice Buyer's Guide and the comparison page of the more popular Noni juice brands on the Internet and in your local health food stores. You will better understand what to look for and how much to spend when making your buying decision. Below is a chart that illustrates how TAHITIAN NONI compares to TRU NONI — the product inside the bottle, and the price you pay for it.

Tahitian Noni International™
100% pure Hawaiian Noni juice (Morinda citrifolia). It's pure juice nothing added, nothing taken away. It's not from concentrate or reconstituted, so there's no water added.
Reconstituted Morinda citrifolia fruit juice from pure juice puree grown in French Polynesia, plus natural grape juice concentrate, natural blueberry juice concentrate, and natural flavors.*
% of Noni
32 oz bottle contains 100% Noni
33.8 oz bottle contains 89% Noni
TRU NONI juice bottle
Price per ounce
$0.78 USD
$1.24 USD***
xspacer TRU NONI is 100% pure. We use only the ripest, certified organic Noni fruit, grown in the Hawaiian Islands.

That's a one ounce serving of the Noni blended with other juice flavors in a one liter bottle accounting for about 89% of Noni juice in every bottle.

Multilevel Marketing

When you buy TRU NONI online through this Web site, you are buying direct, without multiple levels of distributors to pay between you and your bottle of Noni juice. This saves you money. Our business isn't to "sell a dream" to create millionaires through multi-level marketing, rather, our mission is to provide you with pure fresh Noni juice at an affordable price.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) products are more expensive than traditionally distributed products, because of the multiple layers of distributors involved. There are often 4 or 5 levels of distributors between the purchaser and the top of the MLM pyramid, and each level earns a percentage of the cost of the product. Obviously, this increases the product's price to the consumer without any other added value. read more >>
Tahitian Noni International™

* Tahitian Noni juice bottle label
** Information obtained from competitor's Web site (
*** Price comparison based on non-distributor price of $42.00 per bottle.
**** Forbes magazine, May 24, 2004, page 178.

Tahitian Noni is a registered trademark of
Tahitian Noni International

*These statements on the TRU NONI web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.