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Noni fruit from Hawaii


Noni fruit grows on a small tree or shrub found mainly in the lush tropical island terrains of the Pacific islands. Noni has a long history and is considered one of the most significant ingredients in traditional medicines used by the Polynesian Kahunas, the healers of the islanders.


The fruit of the Noni plant looks like a small, bumpy potato, green at first, turning to a yellowish white when ripe. People living on the islands in present day French Polynesia and Hawaii have used Noni for thousands of years.

Noni’s journey to Hawaii is believed to have started 3,000 years ago from the Island of New Guinea Northward to the islands of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Marquesas Islands, and then towards the Tahitian Islands.

In 400 A.D., Hawaii Loa, a Polynesian chief brought the multifunctional Noni fruit on the 2,400 mile journey from Tahiti to a newly discovered island chain that eventually took his name, Hawaii.


Along with moving entire villages to new undiscovered islands, these explorers carried with them sacred plants necessary to sustain life during their journey, and for the future generations to come after them. These plants (called 'canoe plants') were essential to meet their needs for food, fiber, building materials, and medicine.

Historically, Noni fruit was known as the "Queen" of all canoe plants for its healthful properties, and was essential for establishing new villages. The Pacific Islanders began using Noni in all their food preparations, making the Noni fruit the healthy foundation of their civilization as they established new villages across the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Traditionally, Noni has been used to treat numerous symptoms, such as joint pain, immune problems, colds, infection, digestive disorders, injuries and inflammation*. The ancient Polynesians also used Noni for food and dye for cloth, but mainly it was used for its medicinal properties.

TRU NONI uses traditional Hawaiian organic framing methods to grow the Noni fruit in nutrient rich soil of the Hawaiian Islands. TRU NONI is made with only ripe Noni fruit hand picked made the old fashion Hawaiian way -- pure Noni juice with no fancy juice blends or water added, just the freshest Noni fruit, pressed and bottled in its purest form.

*These statements on the TRU NONI web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.